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7 Socials, Roundtables, & Panels


Peter Singer, Toby Ord, & Allan Dafoe

Online Social: Saturday, September 17, 1:30P-2:15P*
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Lola Rosa Lounge

In-Person Social: Saturday, September 17, 4P-9P*
Lola Rosa Lounge, 276 St Catherine West, Montreal, Quebec 
Short Walk from APSA Meeting
Free Food and Drinks
We are meeting at the top floor of the restaurant.
Tell the host at the restaurant's cash register you're here for the REAPS event if you need directions


Effective Altruism and Political Science

APSA Virtual Roundtable: Saturday, September 17, 12P-1:30P*
Peter Singer, Professor of Philosophy, Princeton
Toby Ord, Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy, Oxford
Allan Dafoe, Head of Long-term Strategy & Governance, DeepMind
Mahendra Prasad, Political Science PhD Candidate, Berkeley
Caroline Jeanmaire, Public Policy PhD Student, Oxford

How Approval Voting Is Being Adopted across the United States

APSA Roundtable: Saturday, September 17, 2P-3:30P*
Room 522B, Palais de Congres, Montreal, Quebec
Aaron Hamlin, Executive Director, Center for Election Science
Chris Raleigh, Director of Campaigns & Advocacy, Center for Election Science
Whitney Hua, Director of Applied Research, Center for Election Science
Andrea Denault, Organizer, Reform Fargo
Benjamin Singer, CEO, Show Me Integrity
Nate Allen, Executive Director, Utah Approves
Troy Davis, C0-Founder, Seattle Approves
Steven Brams, Professor of Politics, New York University


Science, Technology, Human Rights and Sustainability

APSA Panel: Thursday, September 15, 8A-9:30A*
Room 511A, Palais de Congres, Montreal, Quebec
Markus Anderljung, Head of Policy, GovAI
Josh Gellers, Associate Professor Political Science, University of North Florida
Mathilde Gauquelin, Political Science PhD Candidate, Laval University
Ian Higham, Research Officer, London School of Economics
Karin Backstrand, Professor of Political Science, Stockholm University
Charlotte Beate Siegmann, Economics Predoctoral Research Fellow, Oxford
Baobao Zhang, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University

Contrasting Theoretical Perspectives on AI, Enhancement, and Transhumanism

APSA Virtual Panel: Thursday, September 15, 4P-5:30P*
Peter Cannavo, Professor of Government, Hamilton College
Eileen Hunt, Professor Political Science, University of Notre Dame
Amber Ross, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Florida
Leslie Thiele, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Florida
Josh Gellers, Associate Professor Political Science, University of North Florida
Ashley Gorham, Assistant Professor of Government, Hamilton College

Why Slow Reformers Grow Fast

APSA Panel Paper: Saturday, September 17, 8A-9:30A*
Room 513B, Palais de Congres, Montreal, Quebec
Nicholas Emery-Xu, Political Science PhD student, UCLA
Mitchell Orenstein, Professor of Russian & East European Studies, UPenn

* All Listed Times are Montreal Time (UTC-4)
** Special Thanks to EA McGill for their assistance with these events
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