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The Purpose of Research in Effective Altruism and Political Science (REAPS) is to create and sustain a community of researchers interested in governance and politics questions focused on minimizing the suffering and improving the welfare of all. Join Us!

Fields of Research include, but are not limited to, American politics, area studies (e.g., China, Middle East, etc.), comparative politics, formal modeling, international relations, law & politics, political economy, political philosophy/theory, political psychology, public policy, and statistical methods.

Issue Areas include, but are not limited to, AI safety, animal welfare, biosecurity, climate change, existential & global catastrophic risks, global health, global peace & cooperation, institutional decision-making, norms of governance & politics, and nuclear conflict.

REAPS is co-founded and organized by:

Caroline Jeanmaire (Oxford)

Mahendra Prasad (Berkeley)

Nicholas Emery-Xu (UCLA)

Join Us!

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